Friday, March 26, 2010

Creating a Natural Flow

Next week we will begin a project in which the forward tee at the 9th hole will be relocated. The new tee will be moved immediately to the right and it will be in direct line with the other teeing areas. The distance from tee to green will remain the same at 420-yards. This will accomplish a more architecturally sound teeing complex in which the green island in the middle of native grass will be eliminated. This will also take out the unsightly mounded tee and obtain a more natural appearance to this area. Moving the tee further to the right will prevent players having to carry the native rough. Carts will not be allowed to drive up to the new tee, but a walk path from the existing cart path will provide foot and pull-cart access.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Technology at the 2010 Golf Industry Show

After attending this year's G.C.S.A.A. Golf Industry Show in San Diego, California I returned with the realization that our industry is a group of innovators on the forefront of the sustainable movement. All of the major companies were showcasing their versions of either hybrid or completely electric equipment. The "big three" equipment companies (John Deer, Toro, and Jacobsen) were all displaying some form of their new environmentally sustainable mowers, rollers, etc.

Some of the smaller companies are even further ahead of the curve with products such as a fully robotic greens mower that allows one operator to be raking bunkers, hand watering, or whatever else may need to be taken care of while the mower mows the green on its own. While the innovative equipment was obviously the highlight there are also advances being made by chemical and irrigation companies to become more environmentally sensitive as well. Toro and Rain Bird irrigation are both introducing new operating systems that will make irrigation programming and operation much more efficient, one of which is Toro's Lynx system which we will be installing late this summer along with our new irrigation system.

Overall I feel that the Golf Industry Show is a great opportunity for anyone in the golf maintenance industry to further their education and awareness with regards to new innovations and technologies in the interest of becoming more environmentally conscious in our day-to-day lives as turf managers.

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