Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They're Baaaaack !!

Hard to believe that it was over a year ago that a herd of goats arrived at Pasatiempo.  Their goal was to restore the rugged look among the canyons traversing throughout the golf course.  Throughout the past year, we had an extended rain period that saw more rain fall in June than in January.  This allowed substantial regrowth in the 10th tee canyon along with the 18th canyon.  Beginning on October 25th, this 5-acre area will be hit again with half the crew we used last year - about 75 goats and the timeframe will consist of about two weeks.  The other barancas that the goats wandered through last year did not experience such strong regrowth and we will evaluate following the rainy season if they will need to be brought back again during the fall of 2012.

View from the 10th Tee prior to the Goats in September 2010

View from the 10th Tee following 2-weeks of having the goats eradicate the non-native species

Monday, October 10, 2011

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