Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Practice Facility Renovation

Yet another phase of our ongoing project has begun. We started the renovation of our practice range and chipping area almost a week ago. Our previous facility was the last area of the golf course that hadn't been updated to match the restoration which has taken place throughout the rest of the property over the last decade. Our goal is to not only make the area more functional for use by our teaching professionals, members and guests, but to also bring the same themes to the practice areas that we are incorporating on the rest of the property (i.e. native grasses, flowing undulations, and short mowed chipping areas).

We eliminated two out of the three practice bunkers and re-shaped the green surrounds to make room for more short-mowed chipping area around the practice green. While before there was only about 200 square feet of short-mowed chipping area there will now be approximately 10,000 square feet.

We started the process on our driving range about three weeks ago by spraying the grass out with Round-up. The shaper then came in and tilled the soil so that it would be easier for him to shape using the bulldozer. We changed the shape of the driving range surface to allow for better surface drainage as well as the installation of new target greens. We sodded the target greens by using material that we saved from the existing driving range tee. After the removal of the sod from the teeing area the shaper was then able to begin the leveling process.

The final touch will be a bio-swale that will run in front of the artificial tee and to the right side of the grass teeing area to help add a landscape element to the tee as well as act as an attractive alternative to a drainage ditch. The bio-swale will be un-irrigated and will be a mix of native grasses, sand, and rocks.

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