Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pasatiempo Golf Club to host Northern California GCSA Field Day

Members of the Northern California Chapter of the GCSAA will gather on Thursday, May 6 at the world-renowned Pasatiempo Golf Club for its 2010 Superintendents Field Day. This educational experience entitled Water Conservation: Pasatiempo's Viable Response to Water Rationing will provide an in-depth look at an Alister MacKenzie-designed golf course that has been environmentally elevated through its irrigation efficiency model and historically enhanced through a masterful restoration that spans nearly two decades of dedicated work.
According to Host Superintendent Paul Chojnacky, the course retains its premiere status while managing water resources through an impressive reduction of maintained turf and improved technology. Twenty-five acres originally maintained as turf, are now designated for drought-resistant native grasses. "While Pasatiempo has always been considered one of the most revered courses in America, today it also serves as a model for managing water resources," stated Chojnacky. "We've been able to improve our environmental standards through well-planned conservation measures, while still providing an exceptional on-course experience, as originally intended back in the 1930's by course architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie and club founder Marion Hollins."
Efficiently managing water is crucial, not just to Pasatiempo GC but to most golf course operators and superintendents throughout California. According to GCSANC event Co-chairman Rodney Muller, the field day will span a variety of topics including the site's rich history, an overview of course restoration and renovation efforts, a close study of water management and efficiency measures, culminated by an on-course tour guided by industry experts. Immediately following lunch, field day participants will have an opportunity to tee it up on this spectacular semi-private course.
"This field day is timely as our association members seek workable solutions for water reduction," said Muller. "Pasatiempo serves as a fine example through its use of strategically-planted native grasses coupled with its improved water-monitoring technology. Attendees will also view some of the finest restoration work ever conducted on a MacKenzie-designed course."
Event speakers include Host superintendent Paul Chojnacky, Jim Urbina (Renaissance Golf Design), Ryan Wilson (Toro Irrigation Products), Michael Bova (Davey Tree), and Todd Eckenrode (Origins Golf Design). Sponsored by Toro and Turf Star, Inc., and co-chaired by Ali Harivandi, Ph.D. and GCSANC director Rodney Muller, this educational experience is a collaborative effort between the Northern California Chapter of the GCSAA and the University of California Cooperative Extension.
The event has the support of the following committee members: Steve Agin, Brian Bagley, Thomas Bastis, CGCS, Gary Carls, CGCS, Jon Christenson, Craig Faris, Gary Ingram, CGCS, Pearce Kaner, Gary Otto, Mike Souza, Dave Wilber, Matthew Wisely, and Craig Zellers.
For more information about Pasatiempo GC visit For more on Toro visit: and for the facts on Turf Star visit:
The Northern California Chapter of the GCSAA (GCSANC) is dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession and enhancing the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf. This is evidenced through its support of the Environmental Institute for Golf, Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, California Alliance for Golf, The First Tee, and Doctor's Orders: Play Golf. For more on the GCSANC visit:

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