Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alternative Brush management

Over the years there have been various approaches to control the weeds and overgrowth in the canyons and barancas. None of the approaches will be as efficient and “green” as the goats that will be brought on to our property later this month. As we look to restore the look more common during the MacKenzie era, one of the features that has been lost is the stunning, rugged definition of the canyons. Throughout the years, the steep, jagged edges have all been covered up by extensive overgrowth. During the week of September 20th, we will introduce goats into the canyons to begin the extensive cleanup. There is a long list of benefits with regard to using goats instead of manual labor. Some of these include:

  • Significantly cheaper than using our manual labor to clear out the barancas 
  • Reduce the need for spraying harmful chemicals 
  • No heavy equipment damage or noise 
  • Goats can easily traverse steep, rocky and difficult terrain
  • It will add an entertainment factor for our members and guests 
  • Goats break down plant material, whereas our crew would still have to drag it out and chip it 
  • They are very quiet cleaners and you will see amazing progress each week

The goats will be enclosed in areas that will be surrounded by solar powered electric fences. Great Pyrenees dogs will be with the goats to protect them and will only bark if they feel the goats are threatened. A herdsman will be within contact or onsite 24/7 and the goats are expected to be here for about 7-weeks. This is a tremendous undertaking, but the restoration to the canyons along with the elimination of unnecessary overgrowth, will ensure that this club project will be talked about for many years to come.

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  1. I love it. Please keep up the posts on their progress, lots of before and after shots. It looks like we may need another case study from this one. Get busy Josh!


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