Saturday, May 21, 2011


That one object is situated perpendicular to one another.

10th Fairway showing undesirable cart traffic patterns

As turf professionals we have enough to worry about instead of being rules enforcers. It should not be that difficult to follow this age-old drive across the fairway, hit a shot, then drive back across to the cart path. The idea is to avoid driving up and down the fairways creating a dizzying effect due to an overload of tire tracks.  In short,  the "90-degree rule" minimizes the time a golf cart spends rolling over the grass, while still allowing convenience for golfers.  If anyone has had any luck in adequately controlling this issue please comment...

9th Fairway as viewed from the Clubhouse.  Cart traffic patterns clearly show disregard for the 90-degree rule.

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  1. Hey Paul, I'm a student studying Turf at Ohio State and work at at a small private club. ( I can't even imagine how one could effectively enforce the 90 degree rule. I share your frustration. We have a small membership, and do not recieve alot of play, but cart traffic often is directly adjacent to greens, which does not take long to have a negative effect. This is especially evident during the current record setting wet spring, or summer heat stress. I agree with you as greenskeepers we have enough to worry about instead of being rules enforcers! I love reading this blog, please continue to update it as much as possible!


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