Friday, January 22, 2010

El Nino Has Arrived

Looking over the past several years of below average rainfall data, this season was shaping up to be similarly just as dry. Given the hype of “El Nino” we anticipated a wet and wild winter with plenty of rain and numerous after-storm cleanups. With the exception of the significant, yet very rare October storm that dumped nearly 6-inches of rain on the course in one day, the rainy season has not lived up to expectation…until this past week. Since Sunday afternoon, the golf course has received 5.75-inches of rainfall, with more expected throughout the early part of the weekend. While the conditions are soggy and this may seem like a lot of rain, we are still well below normal due to a drier-than-normal November and early December. We need several more inches just to break even for a normal year. Then we would need more rain on top of that, just to put a dent into the drought that has been experienced over the last three years. The course has not been playable during the majority of the week with high winds and occasional bursts of thunder and lightning and the maintenance crew has focused on removing debris from the course and cutting up large branches that fell from trees. No significant damage occurred from the onslaught of storms and no trees were lost. Several bunkers throughout the golf course washed out during the first round of heavy downpours and with more rain expected early next week, the crew will focus on mowing areas where equipment can safely access. Bunker work will begin following next week’s rain as the replacement sand will be loose and not compacted enough to withstand another shot of heavy rain. We appreciate your patience as the crew prepares the course for the best possible playing conditions and while it may be frustrating not being able to play this past week, the rain is a tremendous benefit that we need more of in the coming months.

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