Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sub-Surface Bunker Irrigation

As part of the new irrigation system we are installing subsurface irrigation to all bunkers on the golf course. This technology allows the bunker edges, noses, and surrounds to be watered more efficiently.

    Numerous features include:

1) Keeping the sand dry and thus improving playability
2) No wash outs caused from excessive overhead watering
3) Can water at any time of the day with no disruption
4) More efficient use of water as it directly impacts the root zone
5) Reduction and possible elimination of labor needed to hand water noses
6) Significant reduction in costly surfactants and chemicals applied to “hold” water in the soil
7) Eliminates the use of maintenance-intensive pop-up sprinklers around all the bunkers

This new technology will benefit the property and significantly improve bunker edges and surrounds.

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