Friday, January 29, 2010

Hydroseeding Native Grass Areas

As stated in previous updates one of the main projects on the golf course is the establishment of native grass areas to eliminate the need for unnecessary water, fertilizer, and chemical use, as well as enhance the golf course from an architectural standpoint . We have made significant progress with this project in spite of inclement weather during the early portion of the week. Several areas on the golf course are very distinguishable where native areas are to be, these include: holes 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9. Applying the seed involves a blue/green material called hydro-seed which is a mixture that includes water, wood fiber mulch and our native grass seed mix. Our major request at this point is that you help by not entering the newly hydro-seeded areas which are all marked by stakes and ropes. There are stakes and ropes in place around most of the areas that we have sprayed out to prepare for hydro-seed. These areas are extremely wet and muddy due to the nine inches of rain that we have gotten over the past two weeks, and consequently very slippery. We also ask for your cooperation in staying out of these areas to avoid any possible injury that may occur if you were to fall due to the wet conditions. These areas ARE NOT out-of-bounds and can be played out of if necessary. However, to enhance the success of establishment, any unnecessary walking or cart traffic should be avoided.

The installation of the irrigation system continues to make headway throughout the course. The irrigation contractor has experienced a long two weeks with poor weather conditions; however they have managed to make progress on installation of the sub-surface (drip system) around the bunkers along with tying in all the pipes that go under roads and cart paths. The subsurface irrigation on the bunkers is complete on holes 2 through 7, and they should be close to having the rest of the front nine completed by the first week of February. The next hole that they will be installing larger pipe and sprinklers on will be number 2, so we ask for your continued patience with the extra people and equipment on the golf course. Thank you all for your continued interest, understanding and support with regards to our many golf course improvement projects.

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