Thursday, February 4, 2010

Irrigation Installation

The white trenches in this picture represent the location of the sub-surface drip irrigation system that we're installing on all of our bunker noses to keep them watered in the most efficient way possible while minimizing unwanted over-spray onto other playing surfaces as would be the case with larger "pop-up" style irrigation heads. We've fabricated a special blade that attaches to a string trimmer which has made the trenching portion of the installation process much more stream-lined, and saved us many hours of labor. Following installation of the drip tubing we fill the trenches with sand and then apply divot mix in order to re-grow the turfgrass which completes the process.

In the case of this picture we had logistical issues with trying to complete the installation of lateral irrigation lines on the third tee and keep the hole open for play at the same time. We ended up having to move all of the tee markers forward to a temporary tee until the rest of the tee complex was done being worked on. Other challenges have included the issues of saturated soil from the heavy rains over the past several weeks and extremely undulated terrain which have, at times, made it difficult on the equipment and the turf.

The main-line installation has definitely been the most obtrusive part of the whole process; however, when they are done the only evidence of them being there is the fresh sod work. The main-line trench in this picture is about eight feet deep and a muddy mess but the contractor did an excellent job of putting it all back together when they were done.

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