Friday, February 19, 2010

Creating a Minimalist Look

Area surrounding the 7th tee as it currently appears. All
landscaping plants will be removed, including the wood steps
and rubber matting. The area will then be sodded with
ryegrass to create a simple blend from the 6th green to 7th tee.

In keeping with our club strategy of creating a minimalist look along with keeping high environmental standards, the landscaped areas throughout the golf course will undergo a transformation. No longer will we change out the annual flowers and plants each spring and fall as we look to blend the native grass look into these locations. The landscaping surround the 7th tee will be completely removed including the one-step staircase. This “buffer” between the 6th green and 7th tee does not fit with our goal of creating uniformity throughout the golf course and it currently looks out of place. With the native grasses assuming these locations, there will be less maintenance, little or no water required, and the seasonal changes in the grass varieties will offer a dramatic character to the golf course. The most significant change was the removal of all non-native blackberries and rosemary surrounding the #2 tee hillside and facing Clubhouse Road. This was a major eyesore that has been seeded with our native grass mix and will now blend in better with the appearance of the course. 

Previous view from Clubhouse Road looking up to the 2nd 
teeing area. This was a major eyesore and the first 
impression of the golf course. All rosemary and blackberry 
plants have been removed.


The current view of the 2nd teeing area following
hydroseeding of the hillside with native grasses.

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  1. Paul,

    I am in the process of evaluating my golf course and HOA for possible reduction of landscape plantings on the property. I like your thoughts on the minimalist goals for your club and I agree the reduction in labor and other areas will follow. I have made the comment on a Rose Garden we have on our property when I'm asked how much the roses cost to maintain, "I could mow that area for 10 cents" the response I get is eye opening. In these days of cost cutting these are areas we have to look to to reduce costs.


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